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Corporation Filing Application

LLC Filings  Tax ID Filings

  Provide the Following Information
  First Name
  Middle Initial
  Last Name
  Entity Address
  Address 2
  Zip Code
  Phone #
  Fax #
  Email Address
  Please create a password for access to your account.
  Your username will be assigned once your application is submitted for processing.
  Entity Name

  The word 'corporation', 'incorporated' or 'limited' (corp, inc, ltd) either in full or abbreviated must
  be the ending of the name.  You are required to submit
3 DIFFERENT name choices.

  First Choice
  Second Choice
  Third Choice
  Entity Purpose
  a. This corporation is formed to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be
  organized under the Business Corporation Law, provided that it is not formed to engage in any act or
  activity requiring the consent or approval of any state official, department, board, agency or other
  body without such consent or approval first being obtained.
  b.  The purpose of the corporation shall be to own, operate, manage and do everything normally
  associated with conducting the business of:
  Please describe the nature of the
  business in 25 words or less

  A corporation must keep it's shareholder records at its office and specify the county in which the
  office is to be located.  The county, within this state, in which the office of the corporation is to
  be located is:

  County of
  Authorized Shares of Stock
  Number of Shares
  Par Value
  NYS Registered Agent
The New York State Registered Agent accepts 'service of process' for Corporations & LLCs. The Registered Agent is required to record the 'service of process' and then forward the document(s) to the corporation. All corporations are required to maintain a 'good standing' status with the NYSRA for continued service.
  Owner Details
  First Name Last Name Title Owner % Phone # E-Mail Address
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  Shipping Address
  Address 2
  Zip Code

Payment Details

 Description Fee
  Certificate of Incorporation $   55.00
  Incorporation Filing $ 175.00  
  Free Name Search  
  Free Shipping & Handling  

  Total of Standard Services $230.00
  Add Additional Services
 Expedited Priority Service - (same day processing) $ 75.00
 Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN) $ 49.00
 New York State Corporate Kit w/ Stock Certificates and Seal $ 75.00
 New York State Official Corporate Certificate for Framing $ 95.00
 Corporate Document Package: Includes Bylaws, Meeting Minutes,
   Operating Agreement, Employee Benefit Plan Outline. 56 Pages.
$ 79.00

  Total Fees $
  Social Security #   (Required to Obtain a Tax ID Number. Enter 999-99-9999 if you do not require a Tax ID or EIN)
  I have read and understand all of the terms & conditions of the terms of service.

nyscorporation.com is a third party private entity that is not operated by, on behalf of, or under the auspices of
any federal, state, or local governmental entity. nyscorporation.com files Corporation & LLC documents
for users in New York State, obtains EIN or Tax ID Numbers and retrieves Certificates & Document Copies.

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